Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fab Find: Navy Wool Peacoat

I love this coat for the upcoming winter. I have so many long coats in my closet that I'm set for when I go out. However, sometimes, I feel they are too formal.  This year, the peacoat is on my must have list.  The look is short enough, but the fabric is warm for the cold days.

Fall is for the amazing and soft leather jackets and peacoats rule the winter.

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and I know it's a little early in the season, but for gloves I always go for Old Navy ($) or leather Ugg Tech Gloves ($$$)  
'Fashion Shorty' Tech Glove
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 6: Shopping

Best Ice Cream 

New necklace.  It's not real red coral, because it was only around $8.  It doesn't matter, I love the color. 

Packing: Hindsight is 20/20

What I wish I packed:
1. Another pair of sweatpants or shorts. Dresses are great for walking around town but Vis has a lot of outdoor activities.

2.  A lot of body lotion and suntan lotion. My skin is very dry with all this sun. However unless there is a non-liquid lotion, I brought all I could. I might go pick some up at the market here.

 What I didn't need to pack:
My one pair of heals. I'm walking too much on cobblestone and there's really no nightlife here on the island. My days have been spent on the water and my nights sitting down, eating and drinking for hours. The food and wine has been amazing. 

Day 6: Blue Cave Day

If you go on a tour, ask what's the price of lunch. It's not included and we learned the hard way. It was a good lunch, but it was very $$$$.  Live and learn. 

Also if you go during peak times here on Vis skip the blue cave tour. The cave is really pretty but the tour is run like bumper boats.  If you want to see the location, you should go really early in the morning (like 7-8 AM). You might be able to see the cave and the water is less bumpy in the A.M. 

Black swim top Victoria Secret
Black swim bottom Forever 21 
Coral dress Forever 21  
Shoes Keen 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Always bring the sunglasses!

Day 2:   Lunch 
Coral Dress: Forever 21
Black tank top: Express
Pink flip flops: Old Navy

Tip: Great wine here on Vis. Order something local

Day 3: Walking around Vis 
Blue tank top: Express
White t-shirt with pink flower: American Eagle
Blue sneakers: Puma

Day 3:  Dinner
Black tank top: Express
Denim  mini skirt : American Eagle
Off white sweater
leopard print flats

Day 4:  Bike ride to the beach 
Nike swimsuit
Boat shoes. I use Keen shoes and they are great for any outdoor/water adventure because they dry very quickly but still can used for normal wear.  You have to wear shoes in the water because the beaches are hot stones and there are sea urchins underwater.  You do not want to step on one.
Blue t-shirt

 So far it's been great weather.  It's been sunny and in the 80's. It got cold last night, but it was fine with a light sweater.

Croatia: Let's start the tour

Day 5

Military Tour 
Vis has had an interesting and long history. When it come to war, the island is in the right place to see who's coming in and out of the Adriatic Sea. Also, it's fairly easy to defend because of it's rocky coast and high mountains. So one thing past leaders of Vis have done, was to build lots of tunnels.  Today, the locals give tours of these underground landmarks. I learned a different aspects of WW2 and more about the croatian history.
To learn more about the history visit

I recommend it but also add the wine tasting to the tour.

Pink shirt American Eagle
Puma sneakers

Monday, June 30, 2014

Packing: My list 10 days & 1 carry-on

 10 days: 1 carry-on,  1 computer bag and 1 purse.  The purse will go into the computer bag to obey TSA carry-on rules. 

 In total for clothes in the carry-on: 
6 shirts, 
1 sweaters, 
2 tank tops, 
1 yoga pants, 
1 pair of shorts, 
1 skirt 
4 pair of shoes

Day 1 (what I wore on the plane): dark wash jeans, light blue cashmere sweater, black shirt, and sneakers.  I love my cashmere sweater for traveling. It's soo soft and comfy, which is the opposite of the economy seats. 

Can't wait get started on this great adventure! 

other items included as well in carry-on